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Welcome to SECON Laboratories.

Since 1996, SECON has been a recognized leader in alcohol and drugs-of-abuse testing for a wide range of clients, ranging from private practice healthcare providers to large clinics, hospitals and treatment programs throughout the United States. We are a state and federally licensed lab that continues to provide superior qualitative and quantitative results that are conducive to your needs, and those of your patients. Our professional staff is trained and totally accessible to any questions you may have regarding the accurate interpretation of the tests performed.

Our Provider Assistance Program (PAP), a unique SECON service, offers the healthcare professional an invaluable tool for internet access to results and information on implementing and managing a multi-patient or individualized treatment program.

Our modern laboratory is located in Worcester, MA with two convenient walk-in facilities in Brockton and Quincy. All out-of-state shipping (FEDEX Priority Overnight) and sample collection supplies are furnished free of charge. We can bill all private, state, or federal third-party insurance providers.